Troy Lee A2 MIPS ISOFIT Review

It’s been a while since a good piece of kit has come along to truly inspire and change the way I think about riding and outfitting- A helmet you literally can’t wait to put on. I’ve owned some excellently solid helmets featuring various technologies to lend to comfort or aesthetic values as well as claims of tech and offering to increase safety. But none of the said features tend to stand out in any significant way, they’re all about the same in terms of the aforementioned in one way or another and it leaves every helmet I’ve owned or tried feeling looking or behaving “good enough” and a lot like the other.

The venerable A series from Troy Lee has always seemed to have been an outlier in fit and finish in my book. A relative cut above in the style and fit department especially.

Recently my thoughts regarding Troy Lee helmets came full circle when I was given the privilege of trying the beautiful a2 with the modified IsoFit retention and mips implementation. This helmet feels like absolutely none other. Comfort at the touch of the Boa system, the helmet seemingly levitates. One would be extremely hard pressed to pin-point exactly where the helmet is contacting the head- it’s just there. The ride experience while wearing the helmet feels as if the helmet is with your head more so than on it- which is truly a standout quality from anything of previously donned. IsoFit seems to totally change the characteristic of wearing a helmet, think Sock and not Shoe.

I am eager for this system to go live because it will certainly sell itself on grounds of comfort and fit and finish- and provide more confidence and safety in the meantime.

I need one to call my own! Black/Xl please!

Check out IsoFit's website for updates on when you can land one to call your own.